The Norumbega Vinland Stone can be found on the Mahone Bay side of Second Peninsula. If you go along Prince’s Inlet Road to Young’s Lane, then walk along the beach at low tide, you will find it along there.


11 thoughts on “Location

    • I’m sure you … in your own mind had very good reasons for not disclosing whatever you may have think you found… But I’m just as sure you have no idea how much disservice to Archaeology you have done by sitting on this knowledge if in fact what you claim is correct.. Just look into Dr. Patricia Sutherland’s misfortune in the Arctic Norse explorations. And ask yourself what possible good came of keeping quiet of any discovery does but harm…

      • Have you dug deep into how Joan Hope and her husband have suffered and how much evidence has been destroyed by the governments since they discovered ruin in New Ross?

  1. Hiding finds is not the way forward sharing it and getting it out there in the light of day moves us forward. Joan undoing was when she went on to mention fairies and art appearing in the windows and strange beams of light leaving her weak… I can’t speak to the reality of the matter… but that would have been better left out of the book and conversation.

  2. I can’t speak to what Joan may or may not have said I have never had the privilege of talking with her. I was referring to the chapters in her self published book “A Castle in Nova Scotia” Now don’t get me wrong I have done lots of research on the matter and I can only concur with what she wrote. With the exception of the super natural occurrences to which I remain agnostic. The Archaeology is quite sound.

    • I understand and thanks for the clarification. I am a scientist and often have problem with history, At the same time, I myself have experienced things which science can not explain. Noe instead of beignnrow minded scientist, I keep my open to epople like you, who are doing excellent service to the world. My congratulations

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