This is a e-scrapbook for lack of a better word of things I have collected in my travels investigating Norumbega over the years. Most of what is here is just cut and pasted from other places all I have done is pieced together the story to what I think is right. The Companion site is  http://norumbegavinlandstone.wordpress.com There I have used the evidence to support the story I have put together from again just cutting and pasting aan -e-scrapbook together.

I didn’t like the way the Blog put the chronology from new to told which made the story read in reverse order so I just put everything on one page. Long but all together. Just copy and past what you want and use MS Word and view it as a book … just like a kindle.

Check back as often as you like I will be adding to the project as days go on. But remember check at the bottom 🙂



One thought on “About

  1. My dear wife Joan passed away on 9th July 2007. Her writings are at archives with Wilfred Laurier university,Waterloo, Ontario

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